Irene Farabella, PI

Giovanni Armenise Career Development Awardees

Over the years, as a computational structural biologist, I have leveraged the integration of experimental data (mainly obtained using imaging techniques) and computational methods to learn more about the mechanisms by which the chromatin is organized within nuclei. 

A little bit about myself...

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Ivan Piacere

I'm a Master's Student in Data Science at the University of Padua and I'm doing my curricular internship in the Farabella lab. The focus of my thesis is on the evaluation of various automated methods for loci identification and decoding in point-cloud chromatin imaging data obtained from Single Molecule Localization Microscopy experiments, and the implementation of such methods in CIMA. Before Data Science I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at the same university. In my spare time I like reading, playing tennis and watching 2000's tv shows.

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